Spa & Massage

— In Room Spa & Massage Services  —


To assist our guests in taking their Rossi Hotel experience to a heightened level of relaxation and romantic bliss, we offer massages in the privacy of your suite or intimate patio.



Swedish 60 minutes $110   / 90 minutes $150

A light soothing massage for those who just want to relax. This massage increases blood circulation and lengthens and relaxes muscles.


Therapeutic 60 minutes $120   / 90 minutes $155

This massage is the Goldilocks and three Bears of our massage modalities; not too light, not too deep, but just the right amount of pressure to release muscle tension.


Deep Tissue 60 minutes $125   / 90 minutes $160

After warming up the muscle tissue advanced techniques using the forearms, elbows, and intensified pressure are utilized in order to facilitate deep seated muscle tension. A 90-minute session is recommended to address the entire body.


Body Treatments

Cholla Cinnamon Scrub $135

Our desert, though beautiful, can do unspeakable things to your skin. Revive and rejuvenate itchy and dry skin with aromatic extracts and skin smoothing creams.


The Rossi Seaweed Wrap$135

Mother Nature has been kind to the humble seaweed, packing it full of vitamins and minerals. This warm and comforting seaweed body wrap promotes detoxification while you absorb nutrients for overall skin hydration and cellular turnover. While wrapped enjoy a scalp and foot rub and, after you shower, finish up with a light lotion application. Luscious and luxurious!


Desert Hacienda Dry Brush Exfoliation $120

By combining a brisk dry brush exfoliation with essential oils, stimulate both your skin and your lymphatic system with this exceptionally invigorating experience. This dry brush treatment will exfoliate dead skin cells, bring blood and oxygen to the skin, and aid in detoxification. You will feel brand new, sleek, and oh so sexy!


Reflexology 30 minutes $55; 45 minutes $80

Ahhhh, the feet, a microcosm of the body connected to every organ, and a body part constantly used yet consistently neglected. Reflexologists view the feet as intimately connected to all parts of the body Firm pressure point work enhances circulation and mobility while leaving you totally relaxed and renewed. Give both your mind a rest and what your feet deserve with this healing treatment. 



The Palm Springs Classic  $140

A remarkable facial designed just for you!  Do you enjoy any of the following: steam rehydration, masking, facial massage, gentle extractions, or a deep moisturizer? Then look no further, this customizable facial is just for you! Soothing and so cleansing. 


The Arenas European Facial $150

The most supreme facial treatment designed to promote total skin health! Renew your skin and your spirit with this deeply cleansing treatment. Oh, and did we mention the foot massage and two masks? 90 minutes of heaven! 


Las Palmas Back Facial $120

Designed with all of those “hard to reach” areas in mind! Our ultimate back facial will exfoliate and deeply hydrate leaving your skin both cleansed of impurities and silky smooth. Sheer bliss! 



All massage treatments can be booked as a couple’s massage. We use our custom blend of all natural massage oils featuring The Rossi scent. 


You can bring your own favorite music to play using the provided CD/iPod player or simply allow our therapists to provide music, because staying at The Rossi Hotel means taking it easy and being pampered like a movie star.